Wemple Corners / DEIS

Update on Wemple Corners Project:

Owing to significant public concerns, and to issues raised by the Town in its technical review of the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) prepared by the applicant, the review process for the Wemple Corners Project has been extended. Under the original timeframe, the Final Environmental Impact Statement was to have been prepared by September 5, 2013.

The Town of Bethlehem has asked the applicant to consider changes in the proposal as part of the Environmental Impact Statement process. Accordingly, the applicant is preparing modifications to the Wemple Corners plan and updating and providing additional analyses to address concerns expressed by the public and comments provided by the Town (including the Town Board, the Town Planning Board, and staff).

A Community Town Hall will be held in Glenmont sometime after these modifications to the proposal and additional analyses are received. Our goal is to ensure that the public is fully appraised of the project and associated issues as they evolve.

Project Information

The Wemple Corners project involves an application to the Town Board to rezone 95+ acres of land located at the intersection of Rt. 9W and Wemple Road.  The project site occupies three corners of the intersection.  The applicant is requesting that the land be rezoned from Mixed Economic Development District (MED) to Commercial Hamlet District (CH).  As part of the rezoning request the applicant has presented a concept plan for subsequent development of the parcel.  The concept plan shows a mixed use development containing 526 housing units (56 townhomes, 320 multifamily, 150 senior apartments) and 163,000 sq. ft. of commercial/retail space.  Project specifics are described in the DEIS.  The DEIS addresses both the rezoning application and subsequent development of the parcel as proposed by the applicant.