Bicycle Licenses / Registration

The town has a voluntary licensing system for residents who own bicycles. A numbered sticker is issued and ensures that a bike’s serial number and description is on file with the Police Department in the event of loss or theft.

Bingo / Games of Chance

Please see the town code, chapter 49 (please wait for the code to load, you will be taken directly to the correct chapter.) Applications are available at the Town Clerk's Office or online.

Dog Licenses

New York State law requires licenses for all dogs at least four months old. Proof of spaying / neutering and rabies immunization is required. The license must be renewed each year on or before the date of the current license; the expiration date is in the top left corner of the license. If your dog is lost, stolen, or dies, notify the Town Clerk's Office.

When traveling with your dog, carry all paperwork and check with other municipalities for any additional regulations.

Fishing & Hunting Licenses & Deer Management Permits

Hunting and fishing licenses are available at the Town Clerk’s Office. Fees vary according to the license desired. Certificate of hunter training course or previous hunting license must be produced the first time you are applying for a hunting license.

Marriage Licenses

A blood test is no longer required, but there is a 24-hour waiting period before the license becomes valid. The license remains valid for 60 days. The license is completed at the time of application; a license fee of $40 (cash or check) will be collected. Individuals wanting to apply for a license need to call for an appointment. Please bring the following:
  • An original OR certified copy of birth document
  • Driver’s license OR passport
Divorcees must bring all prior divorce papers. If your marriage ended in a death, you must bring a copy of the death certificate.  All documents must be in English.

Marriage Officials

Town Justices can marry anywhere in New York State:
  • Ryan T. Donovan, Esq.: 518-436-1661
  • Andrew Kirby, Esq.: 518-439-9717
Marriage officers of the Town of Bethlehem (appointed annually):
  • John Capron: 518-767-2769
  • Sam Messina: 518-859-2918
Note: marriage officers can only marry within the boundaries of the Town of Bethlehem.