Volunteer Opportunities

The Bethlehem Senior Volunteer Program is an integral part of the senior services office. Participants in the volunteer program are matched with their abilities and job preferences. Volunteer jobs may include:
  • Clerical work
  • Congregate meal helper
  • Food pantry
  • Garden bounty
  • Meals on Wheels delivery
  • Project volunteers and assistance to other town offices and programs
  • Van assistant
  • Van or car driver
Community volunteers of all ages, from college interns to community groups, all assist the Senior Volunteer Program. Student and community groups do such things as:
  • Assisting transportation drivers with grocery shopping
  • Cleaning and washing senior vehicles
  • Evening and weekend social programs
  • Sorting food in the Bethlehem Food Pantry


If you are an adult interested in becoming a volunteer, please complete and return the following forms: Student Volunteers - under 18 years of age need the following:
  • Submit a completed Student Volunteer Application
  • All student volunteers are required to call the Senior Services office at 518-439-4955, ext. 1170 to arrange their volunteer schedule. If a parent/guardian phones on behalf of the child, they will be told to have the student call us directly.
  • If a Participation in Government (PIG) student, paperwork from class to be signed by our staff.
  • All students participating in a program that involves senior transportation will need a signed and dated permission note from their parent/guardian stating that they have permission to participate and ride on senior services vehicles.
  • An agreed upon schedule between the student/Senior Services, for the number of hours that the student needs to complete either for community service or Participation in Government course.
  • Keep a copy of all paperwork.