Students Craving Really Exciting Activities in Middle School

The SCREAMS Club is a series of supervised monthly recreational events for middle school students who reside in the Town of Bethlehem or the Bethlehem School District. Activities and events may include; Themed Dances, Roller/Ice skating, trips to Great Escape, Movie Theaters, Bowling, Haunted Corn Maize, YMCA, Indoor Water Parks, etc. Club membership is $10 and is required in order to attend and participate in any/all events. Membership covers the current school calendar year (September-June). Once you become a member you will receive email notification of upcoming events and may register online for all future events.

Activity / Event Online Registration

Chaperones Needed

Parents, to make these events successful, your help is needed to chaperone. These events are fun! Enjoy them with your child!

SCREAMS Club Membership Required

In order to participate in any event or activity with the SCREAMS Club membership is required. Membership is $10 and must accompany the SCREAMS Club membership form.

Please return to the Park Office, 261 Elm Avenue, Delmar 12054. Make checks payable to the Town of Bethlehem.

Activities Coordinator

  • Kara Kosoc

2017-2018 SCREAMS Events

Date Event
September 22, Friday Fun Friday SCREAMS logo
October 13, Friday Halloween movie night at the park on the big screen!
November 17, Friday Guptill's Roller Skating Rink
December 8, Friday Great Escape Indoor Water Park
January 26, Friday Flight Trampoline Park (requires signed waiver form)
February 9, Friday Albany Indoor Rock Climbing Gym (requires signed waiver form)
March 10, Saturday Evening at the YMCA
April 20, Friday Rock 'n' Bowl
June 2 May 12, Saturday Six Flags Great Escape
June 8, Friday Luau at Elm Avenue Park Pool