1. Audited Financial Reports

    View the Town's various audited financial reports.

  2. Bus Service

  3. Business Resources

  4. Comprehensive Plan

    View information regarding the Comprehensive Plan for the town.

  5. Employee Union Contracts

    View Employee Union Contracts with the Town of Bethlehem.

  6. EMS Services

    View information regarding EMS services in town.

  7. Fee Schedules

    View a list of various town department fee schedules.

  8. Fire Services

    View information regarding fire services in town.

  9. Forms

    Links to various forms on the web site

  10. Helpful Community Links

    Find helpful community links for newspapers, community organizations, fire/ems, schools, libraries, other cities & towns, utilities, transportation, weather, etc.

  11. Maps

    View maps for water, sewer, school and zoning districts, and parks/trail maps.

  12. New Resident Information

    Browse through a list of services that will help you when you relocate to our town.

  13. Parks

    Browse through the parks that you have in the Town of Bethlehem for you to host your family gathering and parties at.

  14. Police Services Information

    Find out what services are available including Accident Reports, Sex Offender Watch, Child Safety Seat installation and more.

  15. Property Information

    Compare your assessment with similar properties and file grievances online.

  16. School District Boundaries

    View the school district boundaries map.

  17. Tax Rates

    View property and school tax rates.

  18. Town Budgets

    View information regarding Town Budgets.

  19. Town Code (Town Laws)

    View the current town code that governs Bethlehem.

  20. Voting Information

    Find out what you need to do to register to vote.

  21. Zoning District Boundaries

    View the zoning district boundaries map.