Obtain / Get…

  1. Birth Certificate

    Contact the town clerk to learn how to get a copy of a birth certificate.

  2. Certificate of Residency

    Fill out a form to apply for a certificate of residency.

  3. Compost

    View information on composting rates, permits, and more about the Compost Facility.

  4. Death Certificate

    Contact the town clerk to learn how you can obtain a death certificate.

  5. Deed

    Visit the Count Clerk's website to get online access to deeds.

  6. Letter of Good Standing

    View information on how to obtain a Letter of Good Standing.

  7. Parks Gift Certificate

    Contact the Parks and Recreation Department's administrator to learn what you will need in order to obtain a park gift certificate.

  8. Pool Pass

    View your options to choose which pool pass will work best for you and your family.

  9. Tax Bill / Receipt

    Find out how you can obtain a tax bill or receipt for your escrow account.

  10. Tax Map

    Browse through the list of property tax maps for the North and South sections of Bethlehem.

  11. Dog Park Permit

    A permit for each dog that uses the Dog Park is required and is available for town residents only