1. Town Board

    Find the latest information on the Town Board.

  2. Planning Board

    View the most recent information on the Planning Board.

  3. Zoning Board of Appeals

    Find everything you need to know about the Zoning Board of Appeals.

  4. IDA (Industrial Development Agency)

    Visit the IDA website and find information about Bethlehem, assistance and incentives, available properties, and more.

  5. Board of Ambulance and EMS Commissioners

    Discover information about the Ambulance Board.

  6. Board of Assessment Review

    The Board of Assessment Review’s sole purpose is to guarantee taxpayer’s rights by hearing real property assessment complaints (grievances) and arriving at fair and impartial determinations regarding those complaints.

  7. Conservation Easement Review Board

    The Conservation Easement Agreement program is intended to conserve open space lands, help maintain the character of the Town, and provide financial incentives and assistance to those landowners willing to forego development and maintain open space.

  8. Ethics Board

    Browse through a list of the Ethics Board members, meeting information, and a brief overview about the board.