1. Building Permit

    Find applications and fee schedules for building permits.

  2. Dog Park Permit

    Find information on how to obtain a dog park permit.

  3. Emergency Alarm Permit

    Covered under the town code, Chapter 35, every owner of an emergency alarm shall apply for an emergency alarm permit.

  4. Handicapped Parking Permit

    Find information on how to obtain a handicapped parking permit.

  5. Peddler Permit

    Access the information you will need to obtain a peddler permit.

  6. Pistol Permit

    Information and forms for obtaining a pistol permit from the Police Department.

  7. Sewer Service Permit

    Learn about what you need in order to obtain a sewer service permit.

  8. Transfer Station Permit

    Find information for obtaining a residential transfer permit to use for disposing of unusual items.

  9. Water Service Permit

    Fill out a water service permit.

  10. Races/Walks/Other Public Events

    Road races and other public events requiring traffic and/or crowd control are subject to town approval. This request form assists the Bethlehem Police Department in its initial review of these questions, and state approval is also required for events involving state roads. Requests must be submitted at least three months prior to the planned event date.