Concluded Committees

  1. 2012 Budget Advisory Team

    Find member information and presentation documents.

  2. 2012 Transition Committee

    View member information and reports.

  3. Agricultural & Farmland Study Advisory Committee

    Find committee information, the final report, and other supporting documents.

  4. Bethlehem 20/20 Committees

    Find information about the Bethlehem 20/20 committees.

  5. Citizens Advisory Committee on Conservation

    Find member information and final reports.

  6. Comprehensive Plan Assessment Committee (CPAC)

    View details about the Comprehensive Plan Assessment Committee (CPAC).

  7. Comprehensive Plan Oversight Committee

    Learn more about the Comprehensive Plan Oversight Committee.

  8. Delaware Ave Hamlet Enh Study Adv Committee

    Learn more about the Delaware Avenue Hamlet Enhancement Study Advisory Committee.

  9. Ethics Advisory Group

    View group information and reports.

  10. Governance Options Study Committee

    View member information and find reports.

  11. Local Waterfront Advisory Committee

    See member information along with reports and presentations.

  12. Open Space Technical Advisory Working Group

    Volunteers that work with the Director of Planning to provide the Town with guidance for conserving open space lands.

  13. Route 9W Study Advisory Committee

    View member information and find supporting documents.