Sewer Rent and Permit Fees

Sewer Rent Rates
Effective January 2016
Sewer usage charges are billed based on metered water usage (except for customers with private water, who pay a standard charge). These charges are billed quarterly, along with the water bills.

View the Overview of Sewer Fund Charges and Taxes for more information.

Sewer Rent

Sewer Rate Tier Rate
Metered CCF of public water consumption
$2.73 per CCF
Customer on private water supplies
$60.00 per quarter

Sewer Permits
Sewer permits are required for all sewer connections and repairs. The Bethlehem Sewer District will need to perform an inspection on sewer lines that are connected to the sewer system. You can apply for a sewer permit at the Department of Public Works Office in Room 203 at Town Hall.

Insurance Requirements
Any contractor or other party performing work in connection with the construction of a sewer connection must be approved by the town and have on file with the town an owner’s and contractor’s protective liability insurance policy, in the name of the Town of Bethlehem and/or the Town of Bethlehem Sewer District, in the following amounts:
  • Bodily Injury - $2,000,000 each accident
  • Property damage - $500,000
  • A $5,000 permit bond indemnifying the Town of Bethlehem and/or the Town of Bethlehem Sewer District
No permits will be issued until the insurance and bond requirements are met.

Sewer Permit & Inspection Rates

Type Rate
Residential $600
Commercial $1,050
Industrial $1,450
Additional / Follow-up Inspections
$60 each

A service charge of 1.5% per month for permit and inspection fees for balances due after 30 days.