What are your office hours?
The office is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. A drop box is located outside the office building for any correspondence after normal business hours.

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1. What are your office hours?
2. How can I learn more about your recreational activities and special events?
3. How do I get to the town parks?
4. How can I reserve a pavilion?
5. When does the Parks and Recreation brochure get mailed?
6. Can I bring my dog to any of the town parks?
7. Can I bring my dog to the dog park?
8. How do I know when a playing field is closed?
9. Where are the boat launch and fishing platform located?
10. When are the boat launch and fishing platform open?
11. How do I purchase a Parks gift card?
12. Can you give me information on local sports leagues?
13. When are the tennis courts and basketball courts lit?
14. What do I need to bring in order to get a pool pass?
15. When do the pools open and close for the season?
16. What do I need in order to access the pool complex?
17. Can I volunteer?
18. How do I apply for a summer job?
19. Do you have a summer day camp?
20. What can we do in the parks in the winter?
21. What hours is the skating rink open?
22. Who owns / operates Colonial Acres Golf Course?