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Mission Statement

The mission of the Bethlehem Police Department shall be to protect and preserve the lives, rights and properties of our residents, businesses and to all that may visit, work or travel through our community while maintaining order and fostering strong community policing partnerships with the citizens we serve, through fair, equitable and impartial enforcement of the laws of the State of New York, regardless of a person’s race, creed, color, ethnicity, gender, or social standing.


Through innovative thinking and goal setting, we are committed to delivering unparalleled service to our community.  We will continue to strengthen community relationships and public trust while striving for excellence through employee development, self-discipline, and strong leadership.


Professionalism and Excellence:  we will conduct ourselves with the highest levels of competence and character.

Service: we will serve the community with a clear respect for the value of human life and the dignity of every individual, a commitment to equal justice, and acceptance of diversity, thus ensuring that everyone receives respectful and dedicated service while safeguarding their rights.

Integrity:  we will adhere to strict, unequivocal standards of conduct in keeping with our ethical obligations.

Courage:  we will display the strength of character needed to confront fear, danger, uncertainty, and intimidation.

Accountability and Trust:  we will accept individual and collective responsibility for our oath, duty, and actions.

Gina F. Cocchiara
Chief of Police


Accreditation is the process by which police organizations demonstrate they operate within generally accepted standards. Its purpose is to enhance the effectiveness, efficiency, and professionalism of an agency while promoting training and public confidence in law enforcement.

Originally accredited in 1990 as the fourth department statewide to achieve this honor, the Bethlehem Police Department accomplished re-accreditation for a sixth five-year term in 2015. Specially trained officers reviewed departmental operations on a daily basis to assure that our files, operational review, and reports remain in compliance with state and federal standards.

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