Engineering Division

The Engineering Division's responsibilities are as follows:
  • Provides engineering services to the Town Board relative to public works issues such as utilities, highways, easements, etc.
  • Provides engineering services to the Planning Board for all new development in the town by reviewing construction plans and engineering reports for realty subdivisions and all commercial sites in town.
  • Provides engineering and surveying services to the Highway Department by preparing drainage studies and construction plans and stake out for the construction of highway and drainage improvement projects in town.
  • Prepares construction plans for special projects such as bike paths and town parks.
  • Keeps records of maps associated with property, roads, utilities, and easements.
  • Provides construction inspection services for all new development when sewer lines, water lines, and roads are installed.
  • Issues permits to public utilities for the installation of gas, power, telephone, and cable TV on town highways.
  • Keeps a record of benchmarks, so that all surveying done in the town is based on consistent elevation data.
  • Provides engineering services to the Building Department relative to site development problems.
  • Records and assigns house numbers to all properties for the 911 emergency call system.
  • Provides mapping and spatial analysis support services to various Town departments through Geographic Information System (GIS).
  • Oversite of the Town's Stormwater Management progam, which includes the implementation of the Town's NYSDEC Municipal Separate Storm Sewer (MS4) Permit Program requirements. This include the oversight of construction activity throughout Town, coordination with surrounding municipalities, implementation of good housekeeping practices for Town facilities, investigation of potential illicit discharges, and public outreach and education.
Reporting Issues
​If you have any drainage problems or storm water issues, please convey the issue using Report a Concern.