Sewer Division

The Town of Bethlehem Sanitary Sewer Collection System was established in 1929 and includes approximately 150 miles of sewer mains and 37 sewer pumping stations.  There is a single wastewater treatment plant located at Dinmore Road constructed in 1973.  Wastewater traverses the system through gravity trunk mains to the plant.  Sewer pumping stations are placed in areas thoughout town that are unable to use the gravity trunk mains due to elevation or location.
Sewer Plant
The Wastewater Treatment (Sewer) Division maintains and operates the plant.

Contact and Emergencies

Call the Sewer Division at 518-439-4955, option 4, in order to:
  • Report problems with sewer mains or backups
  • Get information or assistance with sewer permits or inspections
For after-hour and weekend sewer and water emergencies, please contact the Police Department at 518-439-9973.