Donate items to Habitat for Humanity at the Transfer Station!
Donations of gently used household goods and building materials may be made during all regular Transfer Station hours of operation. Brochure with details

Download a comprehensive Donating Reusables Brochure that includes locations, telephone numbers, and items accepted at local organizations to get started donating items.

Before throwing out reusable items, first check with your local day care facilities, schools, churches, and hospitals. They may need books, magazines, games, toys, furniture, flower pots, clothing, or have a thrift shop that supports their programs through sales.

All donated clothing should be in current season, clean, and not torn. Many organizations do not have large storage areas, but are happy to receive your donations. Please call ahead.

Furniture and appliances must be undamaged and in working condition. Padded items and mattresses must be clean and not torn, with no holes. Check with your municipality for proper disposal of broken furniture and non-working appliances.

Additional Information for Reusable Items
Cotton Towels & Cotton Clothing
Stained, torn cotton items make great rags for home, or you can check with your local gas station mechanic. Many veterinarians, animal shelters, and rescue groups will also take clean towels (they can be stained or have tears / small holes, as long as the towel is still usable).

Eye & Sun Glasses
Bethlehem Lions Club collects eye and sun glasses for reuse. Deposit metal and plastic framed glasses in boxes located at the following locations:
  • Bank of America
  • Charter One
  • Cohoes Savings Banks
  • DiNapoli
  • Hughes and Buenau's Opticians
  • Key Banks
  • The Bethlehem Lions Club
  • Town Hall
  • Town Library
  • Trustco
Hearing Aids
The Bethlehem Lions Club accepts hearing aids.

Shoe Exchange
If one wears two different sized shoes, instead of discarding the odd sized shoe, why not investigate the One Shoe Crew. This organization attempts to match up persons who need different sized left and right shoes. Another alternative is the National Odd Shoe Exchange, in Phoenix, Arizona. They can be reached at 602-841-6691.

Polystyrene Packing Peanuts
Stores like Ship, Copy, and More in Delmar will accept packing peanuts and foam blocks (must be clean and dry). Check with other shipping companies.

Greeting Cards
Shiny, glossy cards can be recycled with magazines and catalogs. Non-shiny cards and envelopes are recycled with office / home / copy paper. Greeting card fronts can be reused by cutting the front / picture off and gluing that to a piece of colored paper or cardboard. Also, St. Jude’s Ranch for Children accepts greeting card fronts.

If you would like to recycle card fronts, send Campbell UPCs, purchase cards, or make a monetary donation, visit or call 800-492-3562.

Old Flags
Deposit in special boxes at Town Hall, the Library, and after 3 p.m. at the American Legion Post on West Poplar Drive, Delmar, for proper disposal.

Yarn, Embroidery Thread & Other Craft Materials
Craft and quilt clubs, art classes at schools, senior projects, and scout troops may need these items for projects.

Household Batteries
Recycle lithium, rechargeable (nickel-cadmium), button, lithium ion, mercury, cadmium, and sealed lead acid batteries in boxes at the following locations:
  • Elm Avenue Park
  • Highway Department in Selkirk
  • Radio Shack stores
  • Rupert Road Landfill
  • Town Hall
  • Various post offices
All alkaline batteries can go in the trash.

Plastic Six-Pack Rings
Recycle in special boxes located at the Town Hall, Elm Avenue Park and the Highway Department in Selkirk.

Records, Tapes & Discs
Look under the yellow page headline in the telephone book for buying, trading, and selling used audio tapes, records, and discs. They must be free of scratches and not warped.

Second Hand Stores
Second hand stores are listed in the yellow pages of the telephone book, see additional sources for selling or donating reusable clothing and furniture.

Pet Supplies
Many animal shelters and rescue groups will accept used pet bowls, toys, and leashes. Check online or the yellow pages.