Sustainable Bethlehem

The Town of Bethlehem has made a commitment to become a more sustainable community and has established an initiative - Sustainable Bethlehem - to meet its long term goals in this area as follows: 
Sustainable Bethlehem
  • Town government leads by example through improving energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions in its operations and by actively promoting its own sustainability successes and informing residents of available resources to become more sustainable at home and work
  • Foster a prosperous business environment for both local and new businesses focused on delivering products and services that meet the current and future needs of Bethlehem and the region
  • Enhance Bethlehem’s character to incorporate more mixed use options creating a live, work play environment
  • Support a safe and accessible network of bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure that is well maintained, and extensively utilized for commuting, recreation, and daily trips
  • Conserve open space and protect natural areas through effective land use policies
  • Provide diverse, affordable, and energy efficient housing options
Through Sustainable Bethlehem, the town is leading by example to create a pathway to sustainability that will ensure a balance exists between the needs and resources available to support economic, social, and environmental activity in Bethlehem.