Citizens Advisory Committee on Conservation

  • Libby Liebshutz, Chairman
  • Jeff Freedan
  • Nancy Heinzen
  • John Mead
  • Valerie Newell

  • Ted Putney
  • David Erik VanLuven
  • Michael Waldenmaier
  • Caleb Wistar
The Citizens Advisory Committed on Conservation (CACC) emerged as a tier I recommendation of the town’s Comprehensive Plan (Comp Plan). The Comp Plan directed the Town Board to appoint an advisory committee, which at the direction of the Town Board, explores conservation projects and opportunities with willing landowners. The CACC is an advisory body that provides advice and recommendations to the Town Board. It does not have independent regulatory powers. Staff members of the Department of Economic Development and Planning (DEDP) provide staff support to the CACC.

The Town Board has exclusive responsibility to request assistance, advice and recommendations from the CACC. The CACC has been asked to assist in the development of an integrated pedestrian trail network in the Slingerlands area. It has also been asked to develop information about funding programs that can be used to assist in open space conservation.