Food Scraps

Update on Bethlehem's Food Scraps Composting Project:

  • $240K NYS DEC grant received for food scraps composting equipment purchase and paving.
  • Test composting limited quantities of food scraps at our facility.
    Successfully completed in 2017. Please click here for the results. 
  • Community "drop spots" for residents’ food scraps, to be brought to Town facility
    Under consideration as a possibility. Please complete the survey to have your opinion heard.

Food Scraps Composting – It’s easier than you may think!

  1. Food scraps can be composted in your own back yard (see info below),


  2. You can have your food scraps and compostable paper/cardboard collected curbside through a service provided by FoodScraps360.
curbside and backyard composting
Backyard Composting resources:

‘Vermicomposting’ or ‘Vermiculture’ Resources
(Vermicomposting is indoor composting with special ‘Red Wiggler’ composting worms)

Why compost?

  • Composting is the most ecological and environmentally efficient way of handling food scraps.
  • The town has a high rate of participation in recycling and our yard waste collection and composting program. But the majority of food scraps is currently being thrown away.
  • Diverting food scraps from the landfill is well aligned with the town’s Sustainable Bethlehem program, and will allow us to get closer to the town and state’s long-term ‘zero waste’ goals.
  • Food scraps makes up 20 percent of landfill waste in the US, and greenhouse gas emissions are 23 times more harmful than if the waste is composted, according to EPA estimates.
  • Compost enriches the soil, holds soil moisture, helps prevent erosion, suppresses weed growth, reduces the need for chemical fertilizers, and offers a variety of other benefits.

Bethlehem Food Waste Composting in the News: