Comprehensive Plan Update

Bethlehem is growing and will continue to grow as people are attracted to our wonderful neighborhoods, strong schools, amazing library, vibrant commercial areas, and welcoming town character. This is a great place to live, and people want to live here.  To help ensure that this growth supports and enhances the characteristics that make Bethlehem such an attractive place to be, the Town is undertaking a comprehensive update of the Comprehensive Plan, which was last adopted in 2005.

Phase 1 of the Comprehensive Plan Update will be a series of community forums in hamlets throughout town to discuss what each hamlet and Bethlehem are and what we want them to be in the future. The community forums are scheduled now through March, 2019. Your participation in this process is vital!


In Phase 2, we will incorporate insights from the community forums into draft goals and recommendations.  We plan to work with a consultant to create this first draft of the Comprehensive Plan Update.  We will also hold additional town-wide forums on specific topics such as transportation, land use, and open space. 

A Comprehensive Plan Update Committee will be established to help guide the Update process.  The entire process is expected to take 12-18 months to complete.