Fall Leaf Pickup

Fall Leaf and Yard Waste Pickup

Annually we collect about 20,000 cubic yards of just loose leaves — not counting other yard debris. This is the equivalent of nearly 200,000 lawn bags and requires a major effort each fall, beginning in mid-October. Specially equipped trucks vacuum up piles of leaves placed by the roadside. It’s a labor intensive process and takes several weeks just to go through the town once, but it can take much longer depending on the accumulation of leaves and weather conditions.

The loose leaf pickup schedule is below and updated regularly beginning in mid-October.  We strive to stay on this schedule but circumstances such as rain, which makes it harder to vacuum loose leaves, or sudden increases in volume, which result from high winds or a beautiful weekend when everyone gets out to rake.

Regular weekly pick up of yard waste will continue while loose leaves are being collected and is a much quicker process. Leaves and grass clippings placed in reusable containers or yard waste bags, along with tree branches (under 4 feet long) piled neatly at curbside will continue to be picked up on your regularly scheduled yard waste collection day. Consider this alternative for faster leaf pickup.

To help us pickup your leaves as quickly as possible, please:
  • Place loose leaves on the lawn at the edge but NOT in the roadway
  • Keep storm water inlet grates are kept clear to ensure proper drainage
  • Keep yard waste and branches separated from leaf piles. Branches and ornamental grasses will clog the leaf vacuum slowing down pickup
  • Please remove basketball hoops and other obstructions from the roadway edge, as these slow the pickup process and can pose a hazard to our work crews
  • Keep fire hydrants clear of leaves
  • Please keep piles long and skinny on the edge of the lawn as opposed to short and deep.

Please keep yard waste and branches separate from leaf piles.  If these items are mixed together, we cannot collect them with vacuum equipment, and they will have to be rejected.

Please be advised that winter weather may hamper or prevent loose leaf pickup.  Residents should put leaves out for pickup as early and as often as possible, and also consider using paper lawn bags or reusable containers.  We will continue to collect loose leaves as long as possible into December. 

The Town is NOT responsible for broken or damaged containers or basketball hoops or other materials left in the town's right of way.

Fall Leaf Collection Zones

Schedule and Collection Zone Map

Leaves are picked up according to zones within the town. We start in Zone 1 and work through each street until all the leaves are picked up in that zone then move to the next zone and continue the process until all zones have been completed.  The projected schedule for loose leaf collection can be found below, this schedule is updated frequently during collection.

What Collection Zone Am I In?

To find out which leaf collection zone your street is in, you can view the map to the right (click on it to view a larger image) or look it up by finding your street name in our Pickup Zone by Street listing below the schedule on this page.
Leaf PickUp Calendar - October
Leaf Pickup Calendar - November
Leaf Pickup Calendar - December

Pickup Zone by Street

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StreetFall Leaf Pickup Zone
Abigail Court14
Ackerman Avenue12
Adams Place6
Adams Street (Delmar Pl - Delaware Avenue)6
Adams Street (Delaware Avenue - Hudson Avenue)9
Adriance Lane1
Albert Drive3
Albin Road7
Albright Place4
Alden Court10
Alpine Avenue (Irons Lane)3
Amsterdam Avenue12
Anders Lane14
Andover Road3
Anna Court15
Arch Avenue3
Arthur Terrace1
Ashgrove Lane12
Asprion Road14
Avon Road7
Axbridge Lane8
Babcock Terrace16
Bailey Avenue4
Bain Drive12
Barent Winne Road15
Barrington Court12
Barry Court12
Bartlett Lane4
Bask Road14
Bayberry Road East11
Bayberry Road West11
Beacon Road13
Beaver Dam Road15
Becker Terrace4
Bedell Avenue4
Bedford Court12
Beldale Road3
Bellevue Street12
Belmont Court12
Bender Lane (Elsmere Avenue - Bypass)10
Bender Lane (Bypass - Route 9W)11
Bennett Terrace7
Bernard Place12
Berwick Road10
Bethlehem Court4
Betsy Lane7
Beverly Drive3
Beverwyck Lane3
Bingham Road15
Birchwood Place6
Birkdale Court2
Bittersweet Lane2
Blessing Road3
Bobwhite Drive14
Booth Road4
Borthwick Avenue5
Bower Avenue3
Bower Court10
Boxer Lane2
Boylston Drive12
Bradford Place1
Bradhaven Road3
Bradstreet Court1
Briar Ridge Place12
Bridge Street (Slingerlands)2
Bridge Street (South Bethlehem)16
Bridle Path12
Brightonwood Road13
Brinker Circle12
Brockley Drive1
Brookhaven Lane13
Brookhill Drive3
Brookman Avenue4
Brookside Drive6
Brookview Avenue10
BrynMawr Drive13
Burhans Place4
Burtonwood Place4
By-pass Extension1
Caldwell Boulevard2
Cambridge Drive11
Camden Circle6
Candlewood Lane8
Capitol Avenue4
Capricorn Lane1
Carolanne Drive8
Carriage Road7
Carrie Street3
Carroll Place1
Carson Road5
Carstead Drive2
Catherine Street8
Cayuga Court3
Cedar Drive15
Center Lane (Delmar)7
Center Lane (Elsmere)9
Central Place6
Central Terrace16
Chamberlain Street14
Chapel Lane14
Charles Boulevard1
Chase Court12
Cherry Avenue5
Cherry Avenue Extension2
Cherryvale Boulevard2
Chesterwood Drive12
Chestnut Road5
Chrisken Drive13
Church Road15
Clapper Road15
Clara Avenue14
Clarkson Road6
Clermont Street9
Clifton Way3
Clover Leaf Lane13
Columbine Drive11
Commonwealth Drive13
Concord Road11
Conestoga Drive3
Constitution Court13
Constitution Drive13
Corning Hill Road14
Corrit Drive12
Cottage Lane15
Cottonwood Lane12
Couse Lane2
Coventry Road11
Crannell Avenue4
Creble Road16
Cresent Creek Way12
Crestwood Lane1
Crimson Leaf Drive1
Crowley Avenue16
Crystal Lane1
Currey Avenue16
Custer Road5
Cygnet Circle2
Dalton Court6
Dana Court1
Daniel Street2
Darnley Greene8
Darroch Road (Winne Road - Murray Avenue)7
Darroch Road (Murray Avenue - Huntersfield Road)8
Darroch Road Loop8
David Drive14
Dawson Road5
Delaware Avenue (Town Line - 4 Corners)1
Delaware Avenue (4 Corners - City Line)4
Delmar Bypass Extension1
Delmar Place6
Delsmere Avenue6
Derry Lane11
Devon Road10
Devonshire Drive2
Dewey Avenue4
Dinmore Road15
Domenico Drive11
Dorchester Avenue12
Dorset Street1
Douglas Road6
Dover Drive12
Dowers Way12
Dresden Court9
Drury Lane6
Dumbarton Drive10
Duncan Phyfe Lane2
Dunwoodie Road11
Durham Court8
Dyer Terrace3
Dykeman Road7
Eagle Court15
East Bayberry Road11
East Fernbank Avenue6
East Poplar Drive9
East Wiggand Drive14
Eastland Circle3
Eastmount Drive3
Edgewood Road2
Eduardo Court3
Egmont Court12
Eileen Lane13
Eliot Drive2
Ellendale Avenue12
Elm Avenue (Delaware Avenue - Feura Bush Road)8
Elm Avenue (Feura Bush Road - Creble Road)12
Elm Avenue East12
Elm Place3
Elm Street16
Elsmere Avenue6
Elsmere Avenue Extension12
Elsworth Avenue4
Elsworth Place4
Elwood Road1
Empire Circle1
Equinox Court2
Erie Drive3
Esplande Street12
Eton Drive3
Euclid Avenue4
Eustis Ridge2
Evelyn Drive1
Fairlawn Drive12
Fairway Avenue6
Fenview Drive3
Fernbank Avenue6
Fernbank Avenue East6
Feura Bush Road (Route 32 - Wemple Road)12
Feura Bush Road (Wemple Road - Route 9W)13
Fields End Drive11
Fieldstone Drive8
Fife Drive2
Fisher Boulevard2
Fiske Boulevard3
Flanders Lane3
Fliegel Avenue3
Flint Drive12
Font Grove Road2
Forest Hill Road2
Forest Road7
Forsten Drive12
Fox Hollow Greene1
Foxfire Lane11
Frances Lane3
Franklin Street1
Frederick Place1
Front Avenue3
Frontage Road14
Furman Place6
Gailes Drive2
Galway Road8
Game Farm Road1
Gardner Terrace (Hudson)4
Gardner Terrace (Kenwood)5
Gay Street1
Gladwish Road10
Glendale Avenue6
Glenmont Court14
Glenmont Road14
Googas Road3
Grafton Road3
Grandview Terrace15
Grant Street4
Grantwood Road1
Gravon Road4
Greenleaf Drive9
Greenock Road10
Greenwood Lane1
Groesbeck Place4
Grove Place3
Grove Street (Delmar)4
Grove Street (Slingerlands)1
Guilder Lane12
Gullane Drive2
Hackett Street15
Haddington Lane10
Hague Boulevard12
Hallwood Road4
Halter Road14
Hamilton Lane14
Hampshire Place10
Hampton Street12
Hancock Drive13
Hanney Lane14
Hanover Drive9
Harding Avenue4
Harris Avenue16
Harrison Avenue10
Hartman Road14
Hartwood Road10
Harvest Ridge Road12
Harwick Drive13
Hasgate Drive12
Haskell Place5
Haswell Greene8
Hawley Court9
Hawthorne Avenue6
Heath Drive15
Heather Lane8
Hedgerose Lane1
Helderberg Parkway North2
Helderberg Parkway South2
Henderson Road11
Henry Avenue3
Henry Drive16
Herber Avenue6
Heritage Way12
Herrick Avenue4
Hidden Hollow Road3
Hobbie Lane15
Hoffman Street15
Holbrook Way12
Holland Court12
Holly Mill Road12
Honeysuckle Way13
Horseshoe Drive12
Howard Place4
Hoyt Avenue9
Hudson Avenue4
Hunter Road (Hudson)4
Hunter Road (Merrifield)4
Huntersfield Road8
Huntswood Lane13
Huron Road5
Inman Avenue3
Irons Lane3
Iroquois Trail3
Ivywood Drive12
Jasmine Drive13
Jean Lane3
Jefferson Road13
Jericho Road12
Jessica Lane14
John Street15
Jolley Road14
Jordan Boulevard7
Joshua Place14
Journey Lane13
Julia Rose Court14
Juniper Drive1
Keith Road7
Kenaware Avenue5
Kensington Court7
Kenwood Avenue (New Scotland - Cherry)1
Kenwood Avenue (Cherry - 4 Corners)5
Kenwood Avenue (4 Corners - Elsmere)6
Kenwood Avenue (Elsmere - Bypass)9
Kilmer Court5
Kimberly Place5
Kimmey Drive13
King Court12
Knights Way3
Krumkill Road3
La Grange Road8
Lake Place7
Languish Place14
Lansing Drive3
Lasher Road15
Laurel Drive4
Lavery Drive9
Leaf Road5
Lee Avenue3
Legends Crossing14
Lena Drive3
Lenox Street4
Leonard Drive12
Leonard Place4
Liberty Court13
Lincoln Avenue4
Lincoln Drive15
Linda Court10
Linden Lane2
Linton Street12
Long Lane16
Longmeadow Drive5
Longwood Drive8
Louise Street7
Lyons Avenue8
Lyons Road15
Lyons Road Extension15
Madeline Lane11
Maewin Drive9
Magdalen Road1
Magee Drive14
Maher Road3
Mahican Court2
Malden Lane12
Mallard Road14
Manor Drive13
Maple Avenue (Elsmere)6
Maple Avenue (Selkirk)15
Maple Avenue (Slingerlands)2
Maple Terrace5
Marathon Lane3
Marion Road4
Marlboro Road7
Marquis Drive3
Marsdale Court12
Martin Drive16
Marvin Avenue1
Maryea Lane8
Mason Road (Delaware)4
Mason Road (Kenwood)9
Mayfair Drive2
Maywood Road9
Mc Combe Drive12
Mc Ginty Drive15
Mc Guffey Lane7
Mc Kinley Drive5
Mc Millen Place5
McCormack Road2
Meadowbrook Drive3
Meadowland Street5
Meads Lane16
Merrifield Place4
Middlesex Drive2
Midland Avenue3
Mill Road4
Miller Avenue15
Miller Road16
Milltowne Road13
Milton Street3
Minnowbrook Avenue7
Mohawk Trail3
Monroe Avenue3
Montrose Drive10
Morgan Road12
Morningside Drive4
Mosall Drive3
Mosher Road (Delmar)7
Mosher Road (Van Wies Point)14
Mullens Road2
Murray Avenue8
Murray Drive11
Murrlin Drive10
Muterfield Court2
Nathaniel Boulevard5
Neil Boulevard15
New Scotland Road2
New Street2
Newell Lane14
Niver Avenue16
Norfolk Street3
Norge Road6
Normanside Avenue4
Normanskill Boulevard4
North Bridge Drive3
North Helderberg Parkway2
North Street4
North Street Extension4
Northwood Court2
Oak Road5
Oakwood Place6
Oakwood Road10
Oberlin Place13
Old Bender Lane14
Old Delaware Avenue4
Old Glenmont Road14
Old Jericho Road12
Old Quarry Road16
Old Ravena Road15
Old River Road14
Old Route 9W14
Old School Road16
Old Town Road15
Olde Coach Road11
Oldox Road7
Olympian Drive3
Oneida Court3
Onondaga Court3
Orchard Street (Delmar)1
Orchard Street (South Bethlehem)16
Overlook Street3
Oxford Road3
Paddock Place5
Palmer Avenue7
Park Avenue3
Park Edge Lane1
Park Place4
Parker Road15
Parkwyn Circle8
Parkwyn Drive8
Partridge Road8
Pasture Gate Lane10
Patriot Drive13
Patroon Place12
Patterson Drive11
Pausley Court15
Paxwood Road7
Peel Street12
Penn Lane13
Pheasant Lane8
Pictuay Road16
Pine Hollow Road2
Pine Street (Elsmere)10
Pine Street (North Bethlehem)3
Pine Tree Drive9
Pinecrest Drive2
Pinedale Avenue6
Pineridge Place4
Pineview Avenue6
Pinewood Avenue3
Placid Lane13
Plank Road14
Plymouth Avenue4
Port Road South14
Preston Road5
Prestwick Drive2
Princess Taylor Lane3
Prospect Avenue4
Quail Hollow Road14
Queen Anne Drive2
Quincy Court13
Quincy Road13
Rapa Drive15
Rarick Road16
Read Road15
Reid Place9
Reinemann Street3
Retreat House Road14
Reutter Drive15
Reynolds Court12
Ridge Road10
Ridgefield Drive2
Rienow Drive16
Rigi Court12
Rita Court1
River Road (Corning Hill - Wemple Road)14
River Road (Wemple Road - Town Line)15
Rockefeller Road (Delaware)4
Rockefeller Road (Kenwood)9
Rose Court9
Rotterdam Drive12
Route 32 (Elm Ave Park - Creble)16
Route 9W (Jericho Road North)14
Route 9W (Jericho Road South)15
Roweland Avenue7
Royal Boulevard7
Rugby Road3
Rupert Road16
Rural Place4
Rusfield Drive13
Russell Road3
Ruxton Road8
Sage Lane11
Salem Road12
Salisbury Road4
Sandhurst Drive3
Sandy Lane15
Saybrook Drive11
Saybrook Drive East11
School House Road3
Schuyler Road12
Schwarze Lane12
Scott Boulevard16
Sedgewyck Drive6
Seneca Court3
Shanks Place8
Sheffield Drive12
Sherbrook Drive12
Shetland Drive10
Sibley Place5
Sicilia Street15
Silver Creek Drive12
Simmons Road15
Slingerland Street2
Smith Avenue16
Smultz Road14
Smultz Road Extension14
Snowden Avenue4
Somerset Drive13
Somerset Drive Loop13
South Albany Road16
South Helderberg Parkway2
South Street16
Southwood Drive2
Spawn Hollow Road16
Spindler Court12
Spring Ridge Drive12
Spruce Court5
St. Clair Drive5
Stafford's Crossing3
Standish Drive11
Starr Road16
Stockbridge Road2
Stonewall Lane10
Stony Brook Drive12
Stratton Place (Borthwick)5
Stratton Place (Kenaware)5
Stryker Ridge3
Sturm Road14
Stuyvesant Lane12
Sudbury Road11
Summit Road1
Sunset Drive (Elsmere)4
Sunset Drive (Selkirk)15
Surrey Mall2
Sussex Road13
Sutherland Court10
Swan Place2
Sylvan Ave6
Tamarack Drive7
Taylor Terrace5
Teasdale Drive2
Ten Broeck Street4
Ten Eyck Avenue16
Thackeray Drive2
Thatcher Street15
The Concourse3
The Crossway10
Thistle Lane11
Thoreau Drive2
Thorndale Road2
Thoroughbred Circle15
Tice Lane11
Tierney Drive8
Timber Lane11
Trinity Place15
Trotter Circle12
Trotter Road12
Trumpeter Place2
Turnberry Drive2
Twinflower Court14
Union Avenue1
Union Avenue South1
University Street12
Upper Parker Road15
Vadney Road1
Vagele Lane14
Valentino Lane14
Valley View Drive10
Van Dyke Road1
Van Rensselaer Way12
Van Wies Point Road14
Venture Terrace13
Victoria Lane2
Village Drive7
Vincenzo Court3
Vista Lane12
Voyage Drive13
Wakefield Court1
Walden Fields Drive6
Waldenmaier Road16
Walimary Road8
Wallace Drive1
Wander Circle13
Wander Court13
Wayne Place5
Wedge Road6
Wedgewood Drive4
Weigand Lane5
Weiser Street14
Weisheit Road15
Wellington Road6
Wembly Court4
Wemple Road (Feura Bush Road - Route 9W)13
Wemple Road (Route 9W - Route 144)14
Werner Avenue10
West Bayberry Road11
West Poplar Drive9
West Yard Road16
Westchester Drive North7
Westchester Drive South7
Western Avenue1
Westphal Drive12
Wexford Road8
Wheeler Road14
Whitehead Street15
Whitestone Way3
Wicklow Terrace8
Wiggand Drive14
Wiggand Drive East14
Wildwood Lane12
Wilhelmina Way12
William Paca Court13
Willow Brook Avenue16
Willow Drive5
Wilshire Drive8
Windham Hill Road13
Winding Road6
Windmill Drive12
Windsor Court10
Winne Place9
Winne Road7
Winslow Street4
Wisconsin Avenue7
Wood Avenue15
Woodbine Road5
Woodlawn Terrace4
Woodmont Drive8
Woodridge Road9
Woodstream Drive8
Wright Lane4
Wyngate Road13
Yale Avenue3
York Road13
Yorkshire Lane4
Revised 11/23/2022