Keeping Government Accountable
Good government requires openness and transparency. Bethlehem has long been a leader in open government, employing citizen groups and public forums to explore important public issues. The Town has also used information technology to move far beyond the basic requirements of the open meetings law. For example, calendars, board agendas and materials have been available online for some time, with board meetings first webcast in 2012.
Some of the ways that the Town of Bethlehem keeps government actions transparent is by providing agendas with attachments, minutes and meeting videos for the boards, so you always know what kind of important decisions they're making that may affect you. The town also provides access to the town code so you can always keep up to date on the rules that govern the area.  You can check on your tax dollars at work by viewing past budget information, audited financial reports, employee union contracts and the current budget process.  Please note, the entire web site and documents contained within can be searched using the Search Bethlehem feature.  If you cannot find the information you seek, you may file a Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) request through the Town Clerk's office.

You can also sign up for the Town e-Newsletter to keep tabs on what's happening in Bethlehem. Furthermore, our website now has a "Notify Me" feature where you can sign up to receive email and text notification of certain types of meetings and events.
Contacting Staff & Officials
Another way the Town of Bethlehem keeps transparency at the forefront of its operations is by keeping staff contact information available in the Staff Directory. This way, you always have the opportunity to contact a town employee about a question you may have. A list of current elected officials is also available, so you can keep tabs on who's in office.

If you have questions, but don't feel like sending an email or picking up the phone, you can always consult our list of frequently asked questions to find the answer you're looking for.