Assessment Grievance Process

Appointments will be taken for Grievance Day. If you wish to present your grievance to the Board of Assessment review you must make an appointment.  To make an appointment or for more information, please call 518-439-4955, extension 1104. Appointments will be scheduled every 10 minutes and you will have 5 minutes to present your case to the Board of Assessment Review.

As always it is not necessary to present your grievance to the BAR as each petition will receive the same consideration.  Please make sure you include your comps/documentation to prove your case. All petitions must be received in the Assessor’s office by 8 pm Tuesday May 23rd.  They can be brought to the Assessor's Office, mailed to Assessor’s office, 445 Delaware Ave, Delmar, NY  12054, emailed to (please follow up with delivery of an original with original signature), or dropped in the drop box outside of town hall by the playground.


Formal Grievance Process Begins May 1 (Forms Due by May 23)

The results of informal reviews will not be incorporated in the tentative assessment roll but will be in the final assessment roll, and the formal grievance process has begun. If you have questions or concerns about your assessment, we encourage you to visit the NYS Department of Taxation and Finance web site for information, instructions and forms for the grievance process.  If you still have questions, call or come in to see the Assessor and her staff well in advance of Grievance Day (May 23). Grievance Day is when the Board of Assessment Review, an independent body of Bethlehem residents with expertise in valuing all type of property, will hear requests for changes in assessments.

The Online Assessment Roll provides 2023 tentative assessments (as of May 1, 2023) for all properties, the roll is also available as a PDF document.  Grievance forms and procedures will also be available in the office and through links on the Assessor's Forms page.

Additionally if there is a mistake in your property description or data, we are happy to correct it - you may submit a grievance form with the changes or use the Feedback form on SDG ImageMate if not grieving the assessment.

Assessor’s Office Hours and Grievance Process

The Assessor’s office is open Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  Please check the home page or subscribe to updates using the blue Notify Me button, for any changes.

There are two “after hours” opportunities to come in and see the Assessor. Please note, Saturday is by appointment only:

May 17, 2023 – Wednesday, 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm
May 20, 2023 – Saturday, 9:00 am to noon (by appointment only)

The Board of Assessment Review is the body which reviews all requests for changes in assessments, through the grievance process; it is an independent board composed of five Bethlehem residents with expertise in property valuation. This Board will meet on Tuesday, May 23, 9:00 am – noon, and 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm at Town Hall to hear and examine all complaints in relation to assessments. This is known as Grievance Day and occurs by law every year on the fourth Tuesday of May. All grievances (requests for changes in assessment) must be submitted by close of business on that day, and must be submitted by using the official Grievance form (RP-524), as prescribed by NYS law. However, as noted above, you do not need to appear in person and can either mail the forms, place in the drop box outside of town hall, or bring them in to the Assessor’s Office instead (making sure to do so prior to May 23).

If you are dissatisfied with the determination of the Board of Assessment Review, you may seek judicial review of your assessment pursuant to Article 7 of the Real Property Tax Law (RPTL).

If you are the owner of a one, two, or three family owner-occupied residence used exclusively for residential purposes, or if you are the owner of an unimproved parcel which is too small, as determined by the building department, to contain a one, two or three family residential structure, you may seek small claims assessment review pursuant to title 1-A of the Article 7 of the RPTL. Petition for judicial review must be filed within thirty (30) days of the final assessment roll (July 1st).  Petitions for Small Claims Assessment Review and instructions may be obtained from Petition forms may also be obtained from the County Clerk’s Office, the Assessor’s Office at Town Hall or through the link from the website. The filing fee with the Albany County Clerk’s office is $30 for an original application and two (2) copies. You will need four (4) additional copies: 1 for the Albany County Division of Finance (regular mail - petition only) , 2 for the Town Clerk (certified mail or in person - with comparables/proof) who will give one copy to the Town Assessor, and 1 for your school district (Guilderland, Bethlehem or RCS - petition only) by mail or in person.

Previous Background Information (reassessments)

In an effort to ensure fair and equitable property assessments, all properties within the Town of Bethlehem were reassessed for the 2014 Assessment Roll. The last town wide reassessment had occurred in 2006, and NYS guidelines recommend reassessment every 3-4 years.

Residential Data Recollection project was completed in 2021.

Commercial Data Recollection project was completed in 2014.