School Curriculum Pilot Program


The committee is fortunate to count Joellen Lampman, School & Turf IPM Extension Support Specialist from Cornell University, as a member.  Joellen is developing a new curriculum that we are excited to offer as free programming to the Bethlehem Central School District. Below is a brief description of the available programs, but she can tailor the curriculum to your particular needs, if desired. Feel free to contact committee chairs, Julie Sasso and Dan Rain via for more information.


The general curriculum focuses on increasing awareness of ticks and tick borne disease with age appropriate information and activities. This curriculum is designed to adequately prepare children and their parents to enjoy spending time outside without excessive fear of ticks or tick borne illnesses.

Topics include:

  • What is a tick
  • Life cycle of a tick
  • Where ticks live
  • How to protect yourself from tick bites
  • How to conduct tick checks
  • How to dress to avoid ticks
  • Basic information on tick borne disease (appropriate for older students)
  • And more

Program Formats include:

  1. Tick Awareness assembly/classroom visits
    • 20-40 minute general assemblies (geared toward either the whole school or broken down by ages ie: kindergarten to second grade, third to fifth grade, etc.)
    • Classroom visits to a particular grade in a school (ie: 4th grade to prepare students for Nature’s Classroom)
  2. Train the trainer programs to enlist middle and high school age students in conducting hands-on educational programs for elementary school students
    • Students attend a 2 hour training to prepare them to teach younger students about tick awareness via hands-on activities
  3. Specialized training for school nursing and teaching staff
    • 1 hour programs designed to provide staff with basic information and tools to address concerns related to ticks
  4. Evening presentations for parents
    • 30-60 minute tick awareness presentations, organized through the PTA
  5. Research opportunities for high school age students
    • Examples of research projects could include learning how to monitor for ticks, landscape practices to reduce ticks, etc.


Lyme Disease Awareness month is May which makes that an ideal time to hold assemblies/evening presentations, etc. However, Joellen is available throughout the year if there is a time that is more convenient for your needs.

Please contact us via email at for more information. We are happy to schedule a phone call or an in person meeting to discuss the curriculum in further detail.


In 2015, the Bethlehem Committee on Deer and Ticks launched our inaugural Fall Forum Series designed to provide town residents with valuable information about tick management. This new program is geared towards equipping our younger residents with the information they need to avoid tick borne illnesses, while hopefully feeling confident and relaxed when spending time outdoors. We are excited to offer this program to our local schools and look forward to working with you this spring and beyond.