Delaware Ave Hamlet Streetscape Enhancement

Construction Phase

Safety First

Construction in this highly traveled corridor is challenging. Traffic patterns and detour routes may change as the construction progresses. First and foremost is maintaining a safe environment for both the public and the construction crews. In addition to safety, allowing businesses and commuters to operate with minimal disruption is a high priority.

10/12/17 Update on the Delaware Streetscape Project Schedule

In June 2017 the Town broke ground on a project to improve the infrastructure and the streetscape of portions of Delaware Avenue, Kenwood Avenue, and Adams Street.  Previous updates indicated that the project would take until the end of the year to complete.  As we near the end of the 2017 construction season, the Town is pleased to report that the majority of paving, curbs, sidewalks and lighting will be installed by the end of October vastly improving the car and pedestrian traffic throughout the corridor.  The Contractor will continue to work throughout the month of November finishing their required installations of imprinted asphalt, plantings and landscaping, trash receptacles, and bike racks.  To facilitate this work, the Hudson Avenue detour that has been in place will continue to be used by the Contractor through the end of November.  In addition, the installation of the mural commissioned for under the rail trail bridge spanning Delaware Avenue is expected to be installed before the end of the year.  The Contractor will return in Spring 2018 to address the balance of the landscaping and any outstanding item whose installation may have been prevented during the Fall and Winter seasons.

Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) and Traffic Detour Plans have been developed to address many of the concerns by residents and businesses regarding the construction phase. Our FAQ’s will be updated periodically to reflect common questions as they are received.

In short, the overall traffic plan seeks to:

  • Keep at least one lane of travel in one direction open along Delaware Avenue during the work day, with both lanes restored by evening;
  • Maintain access to driveways for homes and businesses at all times; and
  • Divert pass-through truck traffic away from the work zone.

Please take a look at the FAQs and Detour Plans and give yourself a few extra minutes if you have to travel through the work zone.

Business owners and residents in the immediate vicinity of the project area and along the detour routes received this letter in the mail.


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