How do I recycle mercury containing devices – fluorescent light bulbs and thermostats?

Mercury Thermostats NYS law now requires mercury thermostats to be recycled. It is illegal to throw these highly toxic devices in the trash.

Any person, HVAC contractor, or Demolition Contractor is required to recycle all mercury thermostats removed from service—so if you’re having your old mercury thermostat replaced with a digital model, the contractor is required to recycle it for you. If you are replacing an old mercury thermostat yourself, you can take it to any of the following locations:

The Town of Bethlehem accepts mercury containing thermostats and thermometers by appointment.  Please call Recycling Coordinator Dan Rain at 518-439-4955 extension 1510 or email

Fluorescent Bulbs Spent fluorescent and compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFL) bulbs may also be brought to the town’s household hazardous waste collection events in the spring and fall for recycling. Collections are usually held the first Saturday in May and the last Saturday in September (check the town calendar on the web site) from 8 a.m. - 1 p.m. at the town highway garage, located at: 74 Elm Ave. East Selkirk, NY 12158

NOTE: We do NOT accept fluorescent bulbs for recycling at any town locations throughout the year.

Some retail stores such as Lowes in Glenmont DO accept CFL bulbs for recycling throughout the year.  Lowes in Glenmont has a convenient recycling kiosk just inside their main entrance doors for compact fluorescents as well as fluorescent tubes, and rechargeable batteries.  Contact your local home improvement retailer for more details.

When transporting fluorescent bulbs for recycling, please pad them well with newspaper and/or bubble wrap to prevent breakage and place them in a tight-fitting box or bag, or their original packaging.

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