Port of Albany Project

(Marmen/Welcon Offshore Wind Tower Manufacturing Plant) 21-00100006

Use the links below to get documents associated with the 3.5-year review of the Port of Albany Project by the Planning Board and Zoning Board of Appeals.  These links will redirect to the Planning Board agenda webpage where project materials can be found associated with project milestones.  These milestones include the Draft and Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statements (EIS), State Environmental Quality Review (SEQR) Findings Statement and Site Plan Approval.

Also included is a project fact sheet along with contact information for the Port of Albany and the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation.

Project Fact Sheet and Contacts

Project Fact Sheet - Port of Albany, July 2022
(this is a link to the external web site https://www.portofalbany.us)

Port of Albany
Roddy Yagan, Sr. Construction Project Manager

NYS Department of Environmental Conservation
DEC Region 4 Office

NYS Department of Transportation SEQR Findings Statement
NYSDOT Region 1 Office
50 Wolf Road
Albany, NY 12232

SEQR and Site Plan Approval

SEQR Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement

SEQR Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement

SEQR Findings Statement

Site Plan Approval and SEQR Mitigation Compliance

Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan


Public Meetings and Documents


11/20/2018 Initial Presentation

12/04/2018 SEQR COA and LAC

01/15/2019 SEQR DOS Positive Declaration for Preparation of Draft GEIS

03/05/2019 Circulate Draft Scope & Set Public Scoping Session & Written Comment Period for Draft GEIS

03/19/2019 Public Scoping Session

04/02/2019 SEQR Final Scope

06/04/2019 Update on Draft GEIS

08/06/2019 Accept Draft GEIS and Establish Public Comment Period

08/06/2019 Set Public Hearing to Solicit Comment on Draft GEIS

08/14/2019 Special Meeting – Reschedule Public Hearing & Extend Public Comment Period to 09/14/2019

08/14/2019 Special Meeting – Set Public Hearing Date

08/20/2019 Reschedule Public Hearing 09/03/20219

09/03/2019 Public Hearing

09/03/2019 Public Hearing Documents

10/15/2019 Update on Prep of Final GEIS

11/19/2019 SEQR DOS Positive Declaration for Supplemental Draft GEIS

12/17/2019 Accept Supplemental Draft GEIS as Complete and Establish Public Comment Period

12/17/2019 Schedule 01/06/2020 Public Meeting to be held at Albany Housing Authority

Hosted by the Applicant not the Planning Board

03/03/2020 Update on Final GEIS

04/21/2020 Update on Final GEIS

05/05/2020 Accept Final GEIS Complete

06/02/2020 Adopt SEQR Findings Statement – Final GEIS



06/15/2021 IP of SP and Discuss Supplemental DEIS

07/06/2021 SEQR Positive Declaration

08/17/2021 Update

11/16/2021 Supplemental DEIS Complete and Public Hearing set for 12/07/2021

11/16/2021 Notice – 12/07/2021 Public Hearing and Comment Period

12/07/2021 Public Hearing

01/18/2022 Update on Supplemental FEIS

02/01/2022 Extend Time for Filing SEQR Supplemental FEIS to 03/02/2022 - Time Ext 2

03/01/2022 Approve Resolution to Accept Supplemental FEIS as Complete

03/15/2022 Cert to Approve, Fund, Undertake & Adopt SEQR Findings Statement for Supplemental FEIS

04/05/2022 Update on Site Activity

05/03/2022 Update

05/17/2022 Site Plan Approval (SPA 304)



2/16/2022 Counsel Provides a Brief Overview of Project

3/2/2022 Accept Application and Set Public Hearing for 3/16/2022

3/16/2022 Public Hearing

3/16/2022 Information Items

4/6/2022 – Resolution – This is not an attachment but embedded in the body of minutes