Where do I go if I want to adopt an animal?

There are a number of reputable rescue groups and shelters in our area.  Use the internet to find information on breeds, their adult sizes, care, feeding, and projected costs including veterinary.  Once you are sure your household is all in agreement about a new pet, there are a number of good sources of information regarding pet adoptions.  These sites can further educate you before you adopt, allow you to search for adoptable pets, and find adoption/rescue groups in your area (search by your zip code.)  Try PetFinder.com, AdoptAPet.com, ASPCA.org, Best Friends Animal Society, PetSmart Charities, AKC Rescue Network.  RescueMe.org has not only has countless pets up for adoption, but also has resources available for wildlife rehabilitators/shelters.  Should you need to rehome an animal, use these resources to contact area rescue groups and shelters for information and advice.

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