What will the complete streets project do?

In December, 2017, the Town Board approved redesigning Delaware Avenue between Elsmere Avenue and the Albany town line to have:

  • one lane in each direction;
  • a two-way center turning lane;
  • wide shoulders with room for bus stops, right-turning vehicles,  and cyclists;
  • improved sidewalks;
  • crosswalks with pedestrian safety islands;
  • a gateway landscaped median near the bridge from Albany; and
  • a lower speed limit (40 mph down to 35 mph). 

These features are a proven safety countermeasure to reduce the types of car accidents occurring along the road, make the area safer for pedestrians and cyclists, and make the area more attractive to new businesses.  In fact, the Federal Highway Administration strongly recommends this approach to improve traffic safety on roads with fewer than 20,000 car trips daily.

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1. What will the complete streets project do?
2. Is it reasonable to slow down commuters just for cyclists?
3. Why not just lower the speed limit?
4. Isn’t this a bad time for a major road project?
5. Is Delaware Ave Elsmere’s Main Street or a high-speed commuter corridor?
6. Are there any places where I can see a “complete street”?
7. How have residents and businesses been involved with and informed about this project?