Isn’t this a bad time for a major road project?

The pavement on this stretch of Delaware Ave is in bad shape, so the state DOT (who owns and manages the roadway) will need to rebuild it sooner than later.  Because the road is in such poor condition and will need to be rebuilt, the Town will first upgrade the underlying water and sewer pipes, which were put in just after WWII.  As such, there will be major construction on this section of Delaware Ave regardless of whether Complete Streets safety improvements are made to the roadway, sidewalks, and crosswalks.  The projected start date is 2024.

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1. What will the complete streets project do?
2. Is it reasonable to slow down commuters just for cyclists?
3. Why not just lower the speed limit?
4. Isn’t this a bad time for a major road project?
5. Is Delaware Ave Elsmere’s Main Street or a high-speed commuter corridor?
6. Are there any places where I can see a “complete street”?
7. How have residents and businesses been involved with and informed about this project?