Special Services Division

The Special Services Division encompasses Detectives, Animal Control, and the Community Services Unit which includes School Resource Officers.

Press Release
Bethlehem Police Offer Child Identification and DNA Kits Free to Residents

Crime Prevention
Preventing crime saves money, saves lives, reduces injury, and reduces property loss. The patrol car that you see on the street is, by its presence, a crime prevention tool used in conjunction with a formalized crime prevention program.

Specially trained officers follow up every serious offense to provide information to victims on how better to protect themselves and their property. The unit assists residents with the creation of Neighborhood Watch programs and encourages the use of owner applied identification numbers.

Neighborhood Watch Program
Crime prevention specialists meet with residents of a geographical area to form a Neighborhood Watch community. This program teaches families to look out for each other, identify suspicious activities, and report them to the police. The area is prominently identified as a Neighborhood Watch Community by the signs posted at all roadways into the area.

Operation ID
Operation ID is a program where crime prevention officers provide a distinctive identification number that can be tracked anywhere in the country by any police department. This number, specific to a person or a family, is then applied to any of the owner's property by use of an engraver provided by the department. The use of owner applied numbers deter theft and facilitates the recovery and establishment of ownership of lost and stolen property. Check out the Federal Trade Commission's AVOID Theft Brochure for more information.

Teen Drinking Tipline
Call the teen drinking tipline at 518-439-1503 if you know of a teen party where alcohol might be served to minors. Your call will be held in strictest confidence.

Pistol Permits
The division is responsible for investigation and control of pistol permits and explosives licensing. Please see the Pistol Permits page for information on obtaining a pistol permit.

 Records Section
The Records Section of Headquarters Division secures and stores all departmental records.