Detectives / Community Services Unit


As part of the Special Services Division, the duties of the Detectives/Community Services Unit includes the investigation of all major offenses and unattended deaths. They conduct extensive background investigations of applicants for employment and are responsible for the security, storage, accountability and disposition of all evidence and property coming in to the possession of the police department. They work cases with investigators from other law enforcement agencies including local police, state and federal authorities. They assist patrol officers in investigations and arrests and ensure continuity in the chain of evidence necessary for the successful prosecution of a criminal case.

The Detectives Office also works closely with the Albany County District Attorney’s Office, as well as with the victims of crime. 

Community Services Unit

Community Services Unit is responsible for all investigations where the suspect is less than sixteen years of age, but is also directly involved in other family matters, such as: 

  • Domestic violence follow-up to ensure that victims are offered services to help their family in a time of crisis, and to see that children in families where domestic violence occurs are safe and living in an acceptable environment. In school-age children, to see that school resources are made available to children who may need or request them.
  • Working with families in neighborhoods where a registered sex offender may be living; to make notifications as allowed or required by law and to protect the rights of both the offender and the residents.
  • Elder abuse and care; to help the elderly so that they are less likely to be the victims of crime and to offer resources that provide services for special needs that an elderly person might have. Unit members work closely with the Town Senior Services Office and the county’s Adult Protective Department.
  • Working closely with local, state and federal agencies in the aggressive investigation of child sexual exploitation.

Juvenile detectives are specially trained and state certified experts in dealing with adolescent behaviors and problems. All officers assigned to Family Services are state certified juvenile officers and members of the New York State Police Juvenile Officers Association. They work closely with Albany County Family Court, the Albany County Attorney, the Albany County District Attorney’s Office, state and local child and adult protective agencies and a variety of other social agencies. They visit all elementary, middle and high schools in the Bethlehem School District and A.W. Becker Elementary School in the Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk School District as well as St. Thomas the Apostle Parochial School. They are sensitive to family dynamics and attempt to bring together all of the resources necessary to help a child or family in crisis.