Glenmont Roundabout and Sidewalk Project

To reduce traffic congestion and improve vehicle and pedestrian safety, the Town of Bethlehem is moving forward with plans to build a roundabout at the Route 9W/Feura Bush Road/Glenmont Road intersection and extend sidewalks along Route 9W and Glenmont Road. The project is funded through a grant from the NYS Department of Transportation.  Throughout the construction period, the Town of Bethlehem will do all that it can to minimize the disruption to commuters and businesses. Maintaining access to businesses and keeping lanes open for commuting are priorities during construction.  To enable this, some construction is expected to take place at night in addition to during the day.

Please check this page often for project construction information and updates. The project has been planned in 12 stages and is scheduled to be completed in spring 2022. This webpage will be updated regularly to reflect the current stage of construction.  We also encourage you to follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter for regular project reminders. 

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Important Notes: 

  • There will be uninterrupted access to businesses in the construction zone throughout the project.
  • Limited daytime travel disruption. 
  • Limited nighttime detours in the latter stages of the project are to be expected.

Progress on Glenmont Roundabout

 Traffic Now Moving in Roundabout Configuration

Roundabout Construction Pic
Traffic at the intersection of Glenmont Road, Feura Bush Road and Route 9W has transitioned to a roundabout configuration. Due to construction associated with the center island, the intersection is temporarily functioning as a single-lane roundabout marked with temporary signage, orange cones/barrels and temporary road striping. Flaggers will direct traffic around the construction zone when necessary.

Here are some tips for drivers in the roundabout:
  • Yield to all circulating traffic at the yield line.
  • When sufficient space and time in traffic occurs, enter the roundabout.
  • As you proceed, look ahead to see any pedestrians, bicyclists or other cars that might be entering the roundabout.
  • Stick to roundabout’s circular path until you come to the desired exit.
  • Proceed out of the roundabout by continuing into a right-hand turn.
  • Pedestrians: only cross at the designated crosswalks, which are currently located mid-block.  Never cross to the center island of the roundabout!

Final Work for Winter Shutdown

Due to delays caused by weather and low temperatures, final top course paving of the Glenmont Roundabout will now be completed in Spring 2022 along with final landscaping and sidewalk completion. Construction on the Glenmont Roundabout is tentatively anticipated for winter shutdown on Friday, December 17.

Roundabout Construction Updates

*Please note: all work is scheduled weather-permitting.


Week of December 13

  • No nighttime work is scheduled for this week.
  • Concrete will be poured for sidewalks and “splitter islands,” which divide incoming and outgoing traffic in the roundabout.
  • Curb installation will be finalized for winter.
  • Permanent roundabout signage will be installed.
  • Mulch and topsoil will be laid on all unfinished project surfaces to aid mitigation of stormwater runoff during the winter shutdown.
  • Various project “clean-up” tasks will be completed.
  • Construction on the Glenmont Roundabout is tentatively anticipated for winter shutdown on Friday, December 17.


We ask for the community’s patience and for drivers to obey all signage, lane markings and traffic laws while traversing the new roundabout this winter.

Driveway access to businesses will be open all winter, so please continue to support our local businesses!

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