I own a pet snake. Is there anything special I have to report?
Exotic pets must be registered with the town clerk by April 1 of each year. See the Reporting Wild Animals for information regarding this regulation.

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1. Are the leash and scooper laws Town of Bethlehem laws or state-wide?
2. Are there any fees for marriage licenses? How long is the license valid? Can divorce decrees be photocopies?
3. Can I get a fishing or hunting license at your office?
4. Do you have a notary public on staff? What information must I provide to get a document notarized? Are there any fees involved?
5. Does a dog have to be licensed in order to use the dog park? Must the dog's owner be a resident of the town to use the dog park?
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8. How do I get an absentee ballot for voting if I cannot get to my polling location?
9. How do I go about getting access to town records?
10. How often must a dog be licensed? What are the dog licensing fees?
11. How old does a dog have to be to be licensed?
12. I own a pet snake. Is there anything special I have to report?
13. What do I need to get a marriage license?
14. What election district am I in?
15. What information do I need to license my dog?
16. What is needed to get a certificate of residency? Who needs them and why?
17. What type of payment do you accept?