Local Waterfront Advisory Committee

  • Charlotte Buchanan
  • Ken Daves
  • David DeCancio
  • Tom Donovan
  • Lisa Evans

  • Ted Jennings
  • Paul Murray
  • Theresa Pillitere
  • Howie Vagele
The Local Waterfront Revitalization Plan (LWRP) emerged as a tier I recommendation of the town’s Comprehensive Plan (Comp Plan) adopted in 2005. The town was successful in applying for a grant from the New York State Department of State (DOS), the state agency that has planning jurisdiction over the state’s coastal zones including the Hudson River. The purpose of the study is to develop recommendations and policy guidance related to future land use in the riverfront corridor.

To assist the Department of State and the town in preparing the study, DOS requires that a Waterfront Advisory Committee (WAC) be organized to assist in the planning process. The LWRP WAC will be an advisory body that provides advice and recommendations to the study leaders and consulting team. The WAC will include both residents and representatives and state and local governmental agencies that have jurisdiction over activities in the river corridor. The Department of Economic Development and Planning (DEDP) will provide staff support to the LWRP study.

The WAC will be responsible for providing general guidance for the study, and reviewing interim and final work products and reports. It is envisioned that governmental agency representatives will contribute their technical expertise to the discussions, while the citizen members of the WAC will provide a sounding board and community perspective on study related issues, potential solutions and alternatives.

Major components of the study will include the following:
  • Inventory and Analysis of natural and man-made resources in the waterfront area
  • Identification of issues, conflicts and opportunities in the study area
  • Identification of existing roles and responsibilities of federal, state and local agencies in the study area
  • Identification of management plan objectives in the study area
  • Development of waterfront revitalization policies
  • Description of proposed land and water uses necessary to implement the LWRP
  • Identification of implementation techniques and methods that can be used to address identified issues
  • Determination of Significance and Compliance with the State Environmental Quality review Act (SEQRA)
  • Development of a Master Plan for Henry Hudson Park

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